Caring for hair and keeping it as healthy as it can be should be one of your top priorities if you truly love flowing hair and do not want to reduce it. Whenever you take proper care of your hair you’ll feel better as a person and you’ll definitely notice an increase in your self-confidence. Thank you a lot, I am per year . 5 out with natural hair and I hate it. I concur it takes to long to obtain it how I love it and I feel it was more healthy, after i permed it. It grew much faster. I am switching back after the first of the year. Many thanks again for all your tutorials. I’m completely without hair good care tips so I called on the advice from two friends who also are actually hair experts!
The relaxer or a blend of relaxer and products is leeching out the colour from your hair. This isn’t unusual. I have never used Kerastase, I’ve no idea if it would be good. Is it feasible that you can space out the rate of recurrence of your relaxers for a little bit? This usually helps. A good way to think of this in terms of skincare is like utilizing a hydrating mask after a clay face mask to balance the moisture levels in your skin, and after, topping up with a moisturiser, sealing all the goodness into your skin layer. In this case of course, the moisturiser is your conditioner.
Comb damp locks with a wide teeth comb or bathtub/detangling comb with a very slippy conditioner in it as damp hair is its most susceptible state which is much more likely to break. People tend to forget about the damage that can be done to the head while relaxing hair and don’t take care of the scalp following the relaxer has been rinsed out. Apply coconut or castor olive oil to your scalp and massage your mind to spread the essential oil around. This allows blood vessels to circulate.
Thank you I am 12 years old and I was thinking would it be considered a good get older to get my head of hair relaxed or permed. I would love a responses please. Anyway showing my responsibility to my mommy I wrote her an article about perms and relaxers. Your website was a great source so thank you again. An oily head is a vicious circuit that is actually often made worse by attempts at reversing the situation. You’ve likely already been informed by someone that cleansing your hair more often makes your oily head worse. That’s completely to take care of hair dyed black
Other authors of articles here, please observe that. To keep hair healthy and strong, wild hair care experts suggest slicing limbs every six weeks to keep your hair healthy and thick and thus safeguarded from triggered by mane dyes. They’ll give you customized treatments and home care advice to keep your scalp who is fit. Get a bathtub filter. Look on Amazon, they’re not super expensive. I’m in university too, therefore i know it can be a pain. I buy wild hair products at the start of the semester, therefore i need not stress about running