How To LOOK AFTER Free of moisture & Fine Hair

It’s so important while you are breastfeeding to manage yourself both in physical form and emotionally. Here’s some ways to be sure you are nurturing yourself. Hello, I have a question about cleaning and maintaiing my 4 yr old daughter’s hair. She’s 4c scalp and gets her wild hair braided by my pal every 2-3 weeks. ONCE I rinse and prep her mane for brading I have been using various leave in conditioners and cocunut essential oil and i quickly blow dry out her hair. Do you have any advice/thoughts how to prep her mane for blow drying and keeping it damp after blow drying? I discover that even after adding the natural oils her hair is still dry once blown dried up. I usually add more cocunut oil to help moisurize it to take care of a puppy
Avoid Warmth Styling as Much as Possible: Heat triggers hair to dry or even can lose the wild hair follicle, causing plenty of damage if you aren’t careful, Cutler warns. To hold head of hair happy and healthy, let it grow and allow it air dry whenever you can. If you need to use a wild hair dryer, curling or straightening iron, be sure to use a product with heat cover, such as Redken’s Real Control Thermal Resist or Supple Touch, to reduce the damage while strengthening the hair.
When your hair feels dried up or damaged, instead of co-washing opt for deep conditioning. It’ll replenish the moisture in hair and make them glistening and bouncy. To profound condition, apply conditioner to nice hair and placed on a shower cap before you step in to the shower. Bathtub with lukewarm normal water, so the heat and vapor from the shower will lock in all the dampness from the wild hair conditioner. After some time rinse out the conditioner well.
Your best option for flowing hair is to let it air dry as much as possible. I incorporate air-drying with your final blow out to speed-up the procedure since my scalp is so thick. Using an ionic blow dryer is wonderful for keeping your mane healthy, like this one Sometimes, it just isn’t possible to hold back for any air-drying, which is when the next step is absolutely important!
Comments: i must say i need to find out whether or not its okay for me to wash my hair on the morning of the 3rd day. i acquired my hair done over a tuesday and the process started at around 11:30am and ended around 2:30pm. Its now a friday 10am and i was just pondering if my head of hair would screw up easily washed it around 1 instead of hanging around until tonight? thanks!